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Wine  &


                        Misty Valley                                                                                      
                        A sweet white with a soft floral nose.
                        Clean-fresh & fruity.    An outstanding Missouri wine from the
                        Adam Puchta Vineyard near Hermann.
                        A luscious semi-sweet white wine bursting with the essence of peach,
                        strawberry, and kiwi fruit.   A Missouri presentation from Adam Puchta

                        A dry white chardonnay intensely flavored with green apple, citrus, and pear.
                        A well balance choice from Alexander Valley Vineyard, California

                        A crowd pleasing favorite, moderately sweet white.    Flavors of peach
                        pear & pineapple retaining the vibrant character of riesling grapes.
                        Washington 2009

                        A light refreshing, easy drinking wine.     Kent's favorite.
                       Turning Leaf Vineyards, California

                       White Table Wine - Celtic Charm
                        From our local Delaney Vineyard.......smooth and delightful.

                        White Zinfandel                                                                                             
                        A semi sweet blush with a bold fruity intensity.  Easy drinking winte with
                        a smooth finish from the Buehler Vineyards in California.                        

                        Serving for 2 - a delightful way to celebrate a special event.
                        Barefoot Bubbly - Brut Cuvee - California champagne

                   Hunters Red                                                                                 
                        A semi dry red, velvelty and medium body with a mild floral nose.
                        Pair it with spicy tomato based foods and you will enjoy the experience.
                        A Missouri winte from the Adam Puchta Winery near Hermann 

                        Pinot Noir                                                                                                       
                        Cranberry, cherries, lavendar, and allspice refined by an elegant oak
                        presence offer an alluring bouquet.   Francis Coppola, California 2008

                        14 Hands Vineyard offers a simi day handsomely structured and packed
                        with cherry and berry flavors.   Round, soft, and nuanced with oak.
                        California 2008

                        Dry with a full body of blackberry and plum aromas.   omplex flavor with
                        oak aging and toasty notes.   Argentina, Trapiche Vineyards, 2009 

                        Dry & full bodied, but yuet bursting with fruit nuances to
                        compliment beef, pork, and wild game.   The Norton grape
                        is Missouri's official grape and resembles the California
                        Cabernet.     Stone Hill Winery, Hermann.

                        Cabernet Savignon                                                                                     
                        Dry, bold, and wonderful.   Black cherries and vanilla blend in a fasinating
                        way for a long rich finish.    Geyser Peak, California 2009 

                        Corkage $8 per bottle for your own delightful choices.

Beers -
Bud Light, Busch Light, bud Light Lime
Coors Light, Papst Blue Ribbon.
Angry Orchard Apple Ale, Mother's

Soft Drinks -
Tea, Sweet Tea, Diet Coke, Diet Dr. Pepper
Mtn Dew, Orange, Root Beer

Cocktails, Sangria, & Moonshine Margaritas

Absolute Vodka, Ameretto, American Honey, Bailey's, Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Charter, Chevas,
Crown Royal, Jack Daniel's, Jameson Irish Whiskey,
Johnny Walker Red Label, Jose Quervo, Patron Tequila, Tangerray Gin, Wild Turkey 101,

Call gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey for mixers.